SRC Saraj is located in the immediate vicinity of the City and has a traditionally picnic character.

This site is one of the oldest picnic places in Skopje, covering an area of ​​240,000 m².

The SC Saraj was built in 1948, when it was foreseen with the urban plan as a Saraj-Matka region filled with swimming pools, football fields, stands and trails. The Saraj-Matka region later became a sport and recreation center with sports fields along the Vardar River and Lake Treska. In 1955 the urban plan was revised and a swimming pool, football fields and other recreational facilities were built.
In 1964, a new urban plan was developed, which planned public greenery and recreational areas. While in 1971, Parks and Greenery developed a project for SC Saraj, which defined urban and suburban greenery, with parks, squares and other green areas along the points of Skopje – suburban greenery, as well as active and passive greenery recreation. Three large park areas and 5 recreation areas were planned, including centers with beaches, hotels, restaurants and children’s homes:·



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There was also a tendency for Lake Treska and the Saraj-Matka area to connect with Vodno and to represent a whole. This would be achieved through the construction of smaller facilities, but unfortunately, the planned activities remained unfulfilled.
Today, as a green field with optimal maintenance intensity, SRC Saraj is part of the suburban greenery under the authority of the City of Skopje. Apart from the regular maintenance of the greenery, the vegetation arrangement is in a free landscape, with a park character, as well as a natural vegetation composition.
Of great importance is the role of the space that has park contents (viewing areas, lawns, children’s playgrounds, sports fields and park elements) that provide opportunities for rest and recreation for the citizens of Skopje and the surrounding settlements.