The month of October – International month of raising awareness of breast cancer, this year also was marked in a symbolic way by planting flowers. Embellishing the ribbon-shaped flower in the City Park with a new chrysanthemum flower seedling, the director Ardian Muca and the technical director Igor Veljanoski together with the employees, the members
The park of Cair is located in the municipality of Cair, on Hristijan Todorovski Karpos street, next to the FC Shkupi’s stadium. It is the most visited park in this municipality. It was built between 1929-1930. It extends to 16.209 m2. According to the cadastral survey 2019, there are 31 evergreen trees, 121 deciduous trees,
History and development The City Park was built in the distant 1905, at the order of the Skopje wali Hafiz Mehmed Pasha, during the Ottoman rule of Macedonia. The park extended on the area of 16.000 m2 and was arranged with strict geometric shapes with paths and floral surfaces. It was called ISLAANE after the
The richness of natural and cultural values ​​make Matka Canyon one of the most representative nature sites in the Republic of North Macedonia. The mosaic of various geological, geomorphological, hydrological, floristic and faunistic features contribute to Matka Canyon being one of the most important protected areas in our country. Beautiful views, the wealth of speleological