With the snowfall in Skopje, director Sotirovski immediately activated our team in clearing the snow from the plants and the bushes. Following the situation closely, director Sotirovski joined the teams outside early this morning, to assist personally with clearing snow from the trees, sidewalks and parks. The teams also took part in clearing other locations
In coordination with the municipality of Aerodrom, our teams are working on the maintenance and organization of the public green areas. With the mechanization and engagement of the team workers from that area, this successful cooperation continues for a cleaner Skopje. Our teams are also picking up the leaves from the ground and working on
Mowing the lawns, pruning shrubs, clearing the wild greenery, collecting leaves are just some of the ongoing activities of our teams. But,of course, there is also the planting of the new autumn flower seedlings.Thus,with about 150,000 flowers of the species:viola,brassica and chrysanthemum,the flower areas and flower figures will be arranged, whose flowers already complement the
The multi-day rains intensified the activities of our teams in the evening hours.
After the announcements from the hydrometeorological administration for strong winds and rain appearing, please do not park your vehicles under the tall trees, in order to avoid the consequences. Also, if you notice a fallen tree you can report it to the Crisis Management Center by phone 195 or contact us by direct message or
Tradionally,for the 27th time in the organization of the Labour Union SUTKOZ in Ohrid were held the Labour Union Sports Games - Communalijada. A large number of representatives – participants and guest from several utility companies in the country took part. Of course, this year our employees took part in this event. Competing in the
In the program concept for arranging the public green areas throughout the city, the park that we have arranged in Butel 2 is also mentioned. On an area of 4.320 m2 near the Chair Polyclinic, the new greenery beautified the park, where besides arranging the space with new greenery installed a new watering system, and
Based on the monitoring performed by the Agency for Protection of the Right to Free Access to Public Information, out of 47 websites of public enterprises and institutions , PE”Parks and Greenery” is ranked with the highest score, which is the most transparent public enterprise, together with PE”Water and Sewerage” and PE”Communal Hygiene”.It is another