Commitment, dedication and hard work are the priorities by which the public enterprise works and realizes its goals and visions. The “Micro 20” project is part of these activities. The “Micro 20” project gives the city's greenery a new look by landscaping the boulevard's green areas as a priority in the process of greening of
The activities for landscaping of the public green areas and urban greening are actively taking place during this period. New seedlings have been planted in more locations across the boulevard greenery, the green corridors on the main streets and in the parks. The director Ardijan Muça is actively involved in the activities of the planting
These days, the autumn action for planting seedlings is underway. The planned planting activities are taking place in stages, covering all the green areas of the city. With this action young evergreen and deciduous trees, roses, shrubs and topiaries will be planted. In coordination with the City of Skopje, which provided the seedlings, evergreen seedlings