LUNA LTD Skopje is a registered company for activities of amusement and theme parks. It is state owned and its founder is PE “Parks and greenery” – Skopje.

The history of the amusement park began with several amusement props in the 1950-ties on the location of today’s Ezerce facility in the City Park. It was moved to its present location in the City Park in 1973 when a complete amusement park with fun facilities was created for the first time. During the several decades of its existence, the amusement park has been supplemented with new props several times. In April 2017 the amusement park was closed and construction activities for building a new park started.

At the moment the amusement park has the following props: Carousel 1, Carousel 2, Robot, Tourist train and Carriage. The existing props are placed in two locations in the city of Skopje:

  • Park “Airplane” – Novo Lisice
  • The Ezerce facility – the City Park

In its present form TC. Luna Ltd. Amusement Park was established on 9.11.2001 by the PE “Parks and greenery” – Skopje.

Address: 1732 Str. No.10 City Park Skopje

Contact phone: 02/3163-827

E-mail: /

Manager: Goran Basevski