Florakom LLC Skopje was founded by PCE Komunalec in 1991.

On December 10, 2001 it was transformed into Florakom Ltd – Skopje whose founder was PE Parks and greenery. The first glass houses for seedling production were constructed in 1973.

Florakom’s core business is the following:

  • Florakom Ltd provides horticultural landscaping of various surfaces such as yards and terraces with season flowers and dendrological material.
  • It carries out an interior arrangement with flower pots in companies as well as to private persons, as well as arrangement of various types of manifestations
  • It makes flower arrangements and bouquets
  • It recommends, advises and intervenes when necessary, from the aspect of its professional competences for cultivation and maintenance of seedlings.

The Florakom’s floral production is divided into three sections

  • Seasonal seedling produced in two cycles: summer and autumn seedlings

The entire production, i.e., about 90 % is intended for the needs of PE Parks and Greenery and the city of Skopje.

The production takes place from seed material. The summer seedling is planted in January-February while the end product is ready in the end of April and the beginning of May.

Current species that are most wanted for beautification of the flower beds in the city are: Petunia, Impatiens, Pelargonium, Vinka, Dahlia, Zinia, Begonia, Tageres etc.

In the autumn seedlings the following species are represented: Viola, Belis perenis, Myozotis, Sherianthus, Silena, Hrizantemum and Brasica. These species are two-year autumn species because they are being planted in autumn – in October and they will flourish next year in April. The floral production in Florakom is above 600.000 pieces a year.

  • Potted flowers

Species which are adapted to our production and growing conditions are being produced in Florakom, i.e.: Yucca, Schefflera, Aloe, Hedera Roicisus and many types of succulents. Many of them are distributed to our sales centers. The section for production of potted flowers is also engaged in interior decoration.

  • Cut flowers

Two types of cut flowers are being produced: Strelitzia and Calla. They are particularly representative and requested by the customers and bloom from December to April. Those types of cut flowers are distributed into our sales centers and serve for arrangement of bouquets, flower arrangements, wreaths and other floral decorations.

In the Florakom’s nursery decorative dendrological material, i.e., evergreen and deciduous seedlings, mini conifers, as well as perennial flowers, classical hedges and afforestation trees are produced. In addition to this, various services for horticultural arrangement of individual yards, companies and other facilities are provided. The seedling production is carried out in two facilities: Nursery Park and Nursery Butel.

In the Nursery Park the production is carried out in two seasons – winter and summer, using a classical container method, in a vegetative way with winter and summer cuttings, semi-mature cuttings and in a generative way by seeds. The reproductive material for seedlings is obtained from its own stem trees. The seed material is collected from stem trees from our nursery. They are placed in the sand and remain there until rooting. After that they are planted in containers and remain there for the following year or two, until they reach their commercial value i.e. size. Part of the seedlings in containers are transported to the Nursery Butel for further cultivation, while  part of them are sent to PE Parks and Greenery for the realization of the plans and projects for the horticultural arrangement of the public urban and suburban greenery.

In the Nursery Park various types of Thuja, Juniperus, Criptomerya, Taxus, flower shrubs, evergreen shrubs, creepers and perennials are produced.

In the Nursery Butel decorative dendrological material, i.e., deciduous seedlings, shrubs, classical hedges and perennials are produced. There is a production of rootstocks too. A cultivation of container seedlings of tall and mini conifers on open ground is carried out too. The following deciduous seedlings are produced: Acer, Fraxinus, Platanus, Aesculus hippocastanum, Tilia argentea, Betula Alba, Cercis siliquastrum, Koelreuteria panniculata, Salix babilonica, Lagestroemia indica, Melia azedarach, Fraxinus pendula, Aescuus carnea briottii, Fraxinus excelsior globossa. Various types of shrubs, perennial flowers and classical hedges are produced too.

Florakom Ltd. phone No. +389 3070 114/ +389 3077 997

Email: florakom@parkovi.com.mk