A waste cleaning action was carried out in Gazi Baba Nature Park. Organized by American Corner Skopje with the support of the US Embassy, on the occasion of World Earth Day #earthday, the representatives in cooperation with some of the employees of our enterprise, and representatives of several companies, conducted a large action for cleaning
Nature with its simplicity, and yet so magical at this time of the year it’s special. As a confirmation of this we single out the trees of the Japanese cherry (lat.Prunus serrulata), which with the pink uniqueness of the first flowers that appear in April can already be seen throughout the greenery in the city.
The spring months are a period when increased activities are required for maintenance and areas through the public green areas are currently working on arranging the parks and the boulevard greenery. Cleaning of the lawns from fallen branches, garbage and debris are the initial preparations for the next phase of the first already started spring