New 58 seedlings are part of the new tree line that were planted along Goce Delchev Blvd.The planting action was symbolically marked by the director Dr.Ardijan Mucha, the mayor of Skopje Petre Shilegov and the mayor of the Municipality of Center Sasha Bogdanovic.With this spring action of planting seedlings, a total of 8,000 trees will be planted in the public green areas throughout the city.It is being planted on the boulevards Goce Delchev,Aleksandar Makedonski,Third Macedonian Brigade,Krste Petkov Misirkov,Vodnjanska street,Blvd.Bosnia and Herzegovina,the roundabouts at Hotel Continental and Partizanska,as well as through all Skopje municipalities. The new horticultural arrangement of the central planter and the side greenery along the boulevard Goce Delchev is the green corridor, where in the past our teams worked on a complete renovation. Newly planted low-stemmed and tall-stemmed seedlings on this green belt of the boulevard give a real freshness to the greenery. A new hydrant network was installed in this part for watering of the greenery, the lawns were reconstructed and arranged with evergreen and deciduous seedlings, bushes and feathers. With this concept of green urbanism, we are increasingly committed to improve the quality of the greenery in the city.