1992 – the Public Enterprise “Komunalec” was transformed and the PE “Parks and Greenery” was organized as a separate public enterprise.

1972 – “Parks and Greenery” joined the other communal enterprises of the City of Skopje, and a new communal enterprise “Komunalec” was established.

01.03.1961 – the “Administration of the urban and extra-urban greenery” was abolished and a new “COMMUNAL PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE”  was established. A new and an important period of the city development began.

1954 – the City of Skopje established the “ADMINISTRATION OF THE URBAN AND EXTRA-URBAN GREENERY”. An intensive afforestation of the park-forests Vodno and Gazi Baba, the French cemetery and Zajcev Rid was conducted.

1945 – after the liberation of Skopje, the entire creative and professional staff was engaged in the reconstruction of the city greenery. A new company “GARDENS AND PARKS” was established.

1923-1941 – there was an organized activity for the designation of the greenery in Skopje. The first tree alleys were planted, the City park was enlarged, and the squares and smaller city parks were designed during this period.