The Skopje Flower festival is a traditional city manifestation that celebrates the flowers, greenery, nature and socializing outdoors. This festival is held under the auspices of the City of Skopje and organized by PE “Parks and Greenery”. Аll the citizens have the opportunity to enjoy the colours of the flowers and the floral arrangements. The festival takes place on the two festival days (Saturday and Sunday). All lovers of flowers, nature, space design, creative individuals, professionals, amateurs, have the opportunity to express their artistry with flowers through various programs and activities. They can also provide advice and ideas related to the arrangement and maintenance of flowers and greenery. The festival runs according to the following program:

  1. Flower parade.
  2. Opening of the festival.
  3. Flower center – representation of companies from the country and abroad whose activity is in the field of horticulture and production of flower and planting material.
  4. Creative workshops and innovations. Creative workshops for all age groups: a workshop for children, flower arrangements, flower wreaths, photography basics, drawing and painting, drama performances, art workshops, and more activities are organized at the festival.
  5. Flower story design – arranging flower gardens.
  6. Professional horticultural advice – all interested citizens have the opportunity to get information on flower growing and get useful advice from experts with experience in green space planning, landscaping, and maintenance.
  7. Fun Zone – entertaining and educational games, rhythmic and dance groups, yoga, Pilates, music groups, open gallery, multimedia performances and thematic shows.
  8. Eco Picnic – a place for rest, relaxation, conversations, an outdoor library, viewing and exchanging outdoor editing magazines.

At the open stalls of the festival, the citizens can get involved in interactive workshops, show their skills in creating flowers, get advice, learn something new, buy flowers, get ideas for landscaping of their terraces and socialize with friends in nature