Many types of deciduous and coniferous saplings,shrubs,perennials and topias  are the new seedlings that will increase greenery of public green areas in the city. This great autumn action,was marked today by planting of a new tree line along the “ASNOM” boulevard.The Director Dr.Ardian Muça,the Mayor of the City of Skopje Petre Shilegov and the Mayor of the Municipality of Aerodrom Zlatko Marin, emphasized  the efforts to improve the living environment and activities for enriching urban greenery with new seedlings, as one eco unit. The action of planting seedlings is part of the program activities of the enterprise, with the cooperation with the City of Skopje, for grafting and landscaping of the green areas with new seedlings. With this action, in total more than 15,000 thousand high quality seedlings will be planted. Also the action will continue to take place in accordance with the planned determined locations throughout the city along the greenery of the boulevards, parks and highways of the city.