During December the work activities of the teams in the field are in full swing. The director Ardian Mucha, along with Skopje Mayor Petre Shilegov and Cair Mayor Visar Ganiu have visited the park today, promoting it as one of the beautiful green areas in the city. The new park covers an area of 9,121 m2 and is located in the Topansko Pole suburb of the Cair municipality. The park, i.e. the green square between the streets of the Second Macedonian Brigade and Ferid Murati, has been completely reconstructed, an automatic watering system has been installed, deciduous and evergreen trees and roses have been planted, so this space is added to the map as another beautifully landscaped park in the city. In coordination with the City of Skopje and in cooperation with the Municipality of Chair, new benches, trash bins, hiking trails, as well as new children’s accessories for the youngest have been installed in the park beside the greenery.