The Director of PE “Parks and Greenery” Ardian Mucha and the Association for Helping Children with Disabilities - “DUA ULBERIN” – Skopje, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation yesterday, affirming the commitment to joint activities. The purpose of the cooperation is to actively involve children with disabilities in their daily lives and to regulate the way
The Boulevard “8 September” has been completely reconstructed with new lawn, new watering system and new horticultural elements arranged on a surface of 3,500 m2. We reaffirm our commitment to construct green spaces near the city streets. The Public Enterprise Teams will continue to reconstruct the greenery on other locations throughout the city in the

On the occasion of the World Blood Donor Day 2019, we held another action – blood donation. Organized jointly with the Red Cross, and in cooperation with the Institute for Transfusion Medicine, the action on blood donation was carried out on the premises of the company. Employees from all the sectors of the company participated

This beauty is neither in Switzerland, nor in Germany. It is located in the Saraj Park in the heart of Skopje. We too have a crystal natural beauty, let’s take care of it together, let’s promote it and let us know its value.

Due to the increased risk of local fires, we appeal to all citizens when visiting picnic places and forests to be careful with cigarette butts, outdoor fire, and other activities that can cause unwanted fires. At the same time, we appeal that if you notice a fire to report it immediately to the Fire Brigade